Tuesday, December 23, 2014

ITChitChat’s AVG tech support a class in itself

Are you an AVG User? Thinking to install the AVG antivirus? Want to update your AVG antivirus? For all these wishes, the one name that can be considered as the all-in-all solution is ITChitChat. Technical support service of ITChitChat comes from certified technicians who possess the right skill to carry out these tasks in a very simple way and at the same time conveniently too. In fact if one is facing an issue with their installed AVG antivirus they can resolve it quite easily with the help of a tech support.

ITChitChat’s AVG tech support will help one in the following ways-
  1. Provide assistance for issues such as software incompatibility or error messages
  2. Help in install, uninstall or reinstall of the AVG antivirus
  3. Troubleshoot any kind of error fast and fix it with correct solution
  4. Suggest the best version of the AVG antivirus as per user’s requirement
  5. Help to remove any kind of threat hidden in the system completely with the installed AVG antivirus
  6. Provide assistance to carryout both update and settings configuration of the AVG antivirus

AVG users can get this very helpful technical support by simply giving a call at AVG technical support number 1-844-866-4624. Users get a change to resolve issues sitting right at their work place and home. Technicians do not jump directly to solve the issue but analyze it and then resolve it accordingly. And what is essential is the fact that a class support at a very affordable price.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Steps to Switch On/Off your Norton Smart Firewall

Norton antivirus is a very important segment of any system and antivirus protection but inclusion of a firewall can help users keep any kind of attackers and external threats from catching a hold over information from the system. Most of the threats such as worms and Trojan horses can be checked from entering the system.  And this is where the importance of an antivirus Firewall comes up. The Firewall is able to monitor any kind of network traffic and identify and block unwanted traffic right at the required time.
Basically there are two types of firewall namely the network firewall and application firewall. The work of Client firewall is to check out all the network traffic of the computer. The other type of firewall is basically a hardware which is basically connected between the internet and the user’s computer. These firewalls can be manually switched on or off based on the requirement of the user.
Users can follow these simple steps to Put On or Put Off by following the steps underneath. However, if they wish they may also take the help of a Norton technical Support to figure how this can be done-

Step to Turn OFF the Norton Smart Firewall
  1. Users need to click the Settings from the Norton Internet Security Window
  2. From the settings Window, the Network Tab needs to be clicked
  3. Click Smart Firewall from the left pane
  4. Users require moving the On/Off switch to the right of the Off position in the Smart Firewall
  5. Users must then Click apply
  6. The duration for off can be selected from duration drop-down list of Security Request Window and then click OK
To turn on the Norton Smart Firewall, Users need to follow the same steps mentioned above but only in case of turning OFF now Users need to select the Turn On options.
Steps to Turn Off the Smart Firewall from the Notification Area
  1. Click Disable Smart Firewall by right clicking the Norton Internet Security icon from the notification area situated on the Taskbar
  2. To select the duration for switching off the smart firewall, Users need to go to the Security Request Window and choose the option from the drop down list
  3. At last they need to simply Click Ok
When Users need to turn on the Smart Firewall from the notification area from the taskbar, Users just needs to click ‘Enable Smart Firewall’ by right clicking the Norton Internet Security icon.
One very aspect that users need to remember is, they must keep in mind that just as they put the firewall off for some reason same way it must also be made sure that it also be made active. Firewall is an integral part of an antivirus and keeps the system totally safe and secure. Hence if there exist any kind of glitches with the firewall, it must not be ignored and resolved immediately with a tech support.
Norton users simply need to give a call at Norton Customer support number 1-844-866-4624 to get a tech support fast and easily.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Thanks, McAfee Support! For Pulling me Out of Risk

I was unhappy and surprised as well. I don’t know despite all protection how it can happen with my PC. When I restarted my PC I got a warning message: “Your computer is at risk: Real-Time Scanning: Off”; It was the last weekend, when I took the decision to install McAfee Antivirus software on the machine being mindful of the growing Internet threats.
I ignored the problem for the time being, as I was in dire need to respond certain important official mails. I logged on to the Outlook, but failed, a beastly error was flashing every time, whenever I clicked on the “Send” button. Now, I was clueless.
I called up my neighbor who is bit well in computer troubleshooting. He responded, “Sorry, dear! I’m in mid of some tasks, but you can do it by configuring the product settings”, later he gave me a few steps as ‘how to enable the real-time scanning feature’ from the McAfee Security Center, and advised me to restart the system after the troubleshooting, and assured me that everything will be fine.
I did that, but couldn’t find a fix and was really desperate. I sat mum for a moment, and then decided to go for McAfee Support. Thankfully, Google navigated to me a webpage which was the same, I went through the information, the scope of services, customer testimonials, and other aspects including the terms and conditions of the site. Being satisfied with the support site, I dialed the McAfee Help-line number and was connected with an online technician.
He asked for the remote access of the system and took the permission to removeMcAfee and reinstall it back to resolve the problem. I agreed, and sat relax! What I could notice hardly, was the movement of the mouse-cursor on the monitor-screen. The magic was on, and, within no time, I was able to send/receive e-mails in an error-free state.

Friday, December 30, 2011

AVG Support: Endorsing Computer Security

Computer security is an emerging paradigm understanding the Internet vulnerabilities whose proponents challenge the digital world. There has been a dynamic change in the nature of computer viruses and malware. Earlier that was to target system software and application software, and removable medium such as a floppy disk, CD, DVD, or USB drive served as agent in spreading executable codes. Modern day’s viruses have gone rampant; they can spread through network file system or a file system that is accessed by another computer.  In fact, the definition has got comprehensive, encompassing computer worms, Trojan horses, most rootkits, spyware, dishonest adware and other malicious and unwanted software, including true viruses.

AVG is a reputed security brand, protecting the electronic data for over 20 years with the industries best security technologies. AVG is a buzzword in terms computer security and it is a well-known name in household, business, organization and government modules. Home PC users can take the desired level of protection with AVG Premium Security, AVG Internet Security Ultimate, AVG Anti-Virus, AVG LiveKive and more. Even has the optimization tool in the form of AVG PC Tuneup so that nothing can stop consumers from the safe and smooth computing experience. Depending upon the system compatibility and Internet usage, a user can install a compatible AVG Security on machine.

Businesses can install AVG on their server machine analyzing its various components including AVG Email Server Protection, AVG Anti-Spam, AVG Email Scanner, AVG Firewall, AVG Anti-Virus, AVG Anti-Spyware and more according to their preference to secure online communication and sharing of data among employees, clients and suppliers. The setup will also protect breaching of data to any unauthorized users. Added AVG Linkscanner allows employee to surf, search and browse confidently. AVG File Server Edition 2012 will take care of the file server or network-attached storage responsible for the storage and management of data files in businesses and organization so that only approved or authorized computers available on the network can access files from it. It shields those against the latest viruses, worms, and Trojans.

Needless to say that issues or conflicts can come on the way. There can be problems related to the installing, activating, updating or upgrading the software. Often any faulty product settings can raise problems related to the accessibility of Internet, data, files and other network resources. Any unknown issues can welcome viruses and malware into the system. Thinking where to go? Well, AVG Support is the right place, where a user can get instant and effective tech support through e-mail or remote-screen sharing. Most of the times the issues can be handled by users by following the knowledgebase solutions offered on the portal.

Nowadays, third-party antivirus support vendors are also catering quick and effective support for home and business AVG products. They have customized plans to meet users’ expectation. Presence of experts, 24/7 availability and service-level-agreement are to make sure that users’ can have safe and secure computing experience throughout the time, and can achieve their dreams combatting all challenges.
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